Skinner’s Russian Vacation

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“First I would like to say that this trip wouldn’t have been possible without my buddy Justin Lovato hustling this up! Thanks my man! A scholar and a gentleman…and a talented visionary!…Russia felt like a kind of bizarro America to me…Moscow had all the energy of New York, with all the hustle and pacing, but the rules were all different…The police were easily bribable…with common bribe rates known to the community…police were all cartoonishly thuggish and everywhere..constantly checking the validity of this and that…there were no parking tickets…you could buy a driver’s license for 400 dollars…the traffic was mind numbing….the woman were very beautiful..until they shrink into a gold toothed Babushka later on…sorry babes but its just science…the dudes are all pretty serious and their faces look like rumpled meat…ok not all of them…..but seriously everything looks like rumpled meat to me…Justin and I were invited to come paint murals there for a really cool guy named James Skinner (not making that up) who owns these really great Hostels called..Godzillas Hostel…One was in Moscow and one was in a beautiful Village called Souzdal…Here’s some pictures I took of the trip and the murals we painted….It was an incredibly eye opening and refreshing trip that I will never forget.” –Skinner

Guess what rules? Yeah I think you can see for yourself…Airbrushed cars of skulls and Kali rippin dudes heads…This isn’t the first or the last car in Moscow that had air brushing done to it…this is a fad that we are lacking…we have mountains and the sunset on old vans…Russia has head ripping and apocalypse skulls.

Ok so Kvass Is actually called “Liquid Bread!” Seriously!! and it tastes just like goddamn stale liquid bread…its like some kind of bizarro Root Beer from hell…its based on a traditional Russian farmer drink…OH Hell NO!

Lookin pretty touristy there skinman…you gonna wear your batman underoos to see the batman movie too? check out the muppets at this restaurant…

Ok so I went to the upstairs area of this ceramics shop and was met with these incredible paintings…they were done by this incredible person below…A sensitive and imaginative man named Andrey Mayorov….He invited Us to his house to drink Vodka and listen to music…He showed us pictures of him as a young man in the soviet army doing portraits of Lenin commissioned by the Government! this guy really affected me with his humble attitude and quickness to laugh and embrace others…He sang us Russian folk songs into the night…..He came and watched Justin and I paint at the Hostel and drink Beers..I love this guy….He is far too talented to be hidden away in A Russian Village!!!

Justin puts in work…

While I party with Vissilli and eat ukrainian Pig fat and garlic..

Heres a triptych commission i did for Mr. James Skinner…2ft by 7 ft…

An Athena painting Justin did for James…

an a godzilla one Justin did as well…Kick ass!!!

USA 0 / Russia 2

Last thing I remember before getting on the plane the next day…I strongly recommend any one to go to Russia!! I loved it…Im going back to Souzdal for more pig fat and then to ST. Petersburgh…I can’t wait…thanks to JUSTIN LOVATO..JAMES SKINNER!! MY Man SCOTT!!! watch those flobies! Nick! Gula! Phillip..Vissilli!! Alexey! Lana! Kate!! all my homeys! and any one I forgot!! Im sorry!

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