Sanrio’s Small Gift

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Joe Ledbetter

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, Sanrio, creators of the cult and cute Hello Kitty franchise, is hosting a fun art show in Los Angeles next Friday, November 12th. In addition to the games, arcade, Ferris wheel and food trucks, Sanrio’s Small Gift event is following up on the success of last year’s Hello Kitty “Three Apples” party with an equally ambitious art show including the likes of Brandi Milne, Natalia Fabia, Buff Monster, Eric Joyner, Joe Ledbetter, Gary Baseman, and many, many more.. Check out an exclusive look into the studios of Brandi Milne, Buff Monster and Joe Ledbetter as they work on their respective pieces for the upcoming show!

Brandi Milne

Buff Monster

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