Ryan Heshka – Super Things

by Nathan SpoorPosted on

Ryan Heshka has been quite the busy fellow in his Vancouver BC studio. Asidefrom gracing the cover of Blab 18, he’s produced a gorgeous hardcover booktitled “Welcome to Monster Town”. But what folks really get excited about isseeing the artist’s work in the flesh, so to speak. Heshka has produced animpressive body of work for viewers to enjoy for his upcoming exhibition at Roqla Rue entitled “Super Things,” opening on November 12, 2010. Join us as weget an exclusive view into Heshka’s latest visual offerings.

Hi-Fructose correspondent Nathan Spoor checks in below.

So Ryan, tell us a little about this new and exciting body of work that wewill be able to see in November.

Initially, I was developing the show content to revolve around the idea of cults and worship, but it spun off into its own thing. I didn’t (and don’t) want to be to rigid when developing show content.

The one theme that ended up presenting itself in all the ideas I came up with for individual paintings was the concept of interaction with forces larger than the individual, as well as the collective of individuals interacting with those dominant giant forces. The title “Super Things” seemed to fit… the actual, giant sized super-things, as well as the collective super-things (which takes the form of groups of small, strange individuals, linked together by a task, environment, or crisis).

I am using my usual language of weird, surreal, science fiction-y style, and the interaction of man vs nature. But I think this shows holds together more
cohesively than past shows of purely personal work. The paintings are also more ambitious in terms of detail and composition, and actual size.

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