Rod Luff’s Moleskine pt. 2

by Ken HarmanPosted on

A few months back we took a look into an ambitious project by a young emerging artist named Rod Luff. The twenty-three year old artist lives down in Australia and has taken on the daunting task of buckling down and completing a moleskine notebook from cover to cover with sketches, miniature paintings and various studies. The response from our initial article was so overwhelmingly positive that we just had to catch up with Luff and take a look at how his progress has been going.

Here’s what Rod had to say: “So far I am really glad that I set out with the intention to finish this moleskine. If anything it’s made me realise how important it is to set these intentions from the beginning of any project so I don’t forget- especially when things start going wrong, haha! The usual urge to start fresh is there as always, but I’m going to push forward since I’ve already learnt so much experimenting and it’s been so helpful with my more finished work. Plus I’m having loads of fun, and that’s really important too!”

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