Chris Berens’ Leeuwenhart

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“Come Along With Me”

Upon first glance, the lush and soft focus works of Amsterdam-based Chris Berens appear to be digital creations, the textures and lighting seemingly approachable only through multiple Photoshop filters and manipulations.  It comes as a great shock for most viewers to then understand that Berens’ serene depictions are actually the result of masterful painter who creates entirely in the physical world, a realization almost as jarring as the return to reality when one emerges from the from within the depths of his works.

“Emma Dreaming”

Meticulously crafted with a variety of medium (everything from graphite to parcquet lacquer) on inkjet photo paper, Berens’ patchwork paintings combine in a haunting narrative that brings his fans into the fantastical world of “Leeuwenhart”, so named and inspired by the latest addition to the Berens family, Chris’ daughter Emma Leewenhart Berens.

Roq la Rue has graciously sent Hi-Fructose several never before seen images from the upcoming show, view them below.

“The Promise”

For a great interview with the artist, please visit our friends over at Erratic Phenomena.


“The Search Party”

“There’s A Rustle”

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