Beyond Eden 2010 Recap – Sharktoof

by Ken HarmanPosted on

For this years Beyond Eden Art Fair, Los Angeles-based street artist and art scene fixture Sharktoof dominated the room at the LeBasse Projects booth with a staggering installation. Featuring his ubiquitous imagery, which most Los Angelinos should be well acquainted with by now, the display serves as another stepping point for the young artist’s career and further cements his presence as one of LA’s next generation of established street artists. Look for more Sharktoof coming up at the end of the month at Marxist Glue where he’ll be showing with an all star line-up of some of street art’s finest, including Robbie Conal, Mear One, Skullphone, ABCNT, Zoltron and Eddie Colla. Until then, check out some pics of the indoor installation that Toof sent us below.

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