Nathan Ota X RISK of MSK

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Though there is often an overlap between the worlds of graffiti and new contemporary arts, imagine our surprise to learn that Nathan Ota has secretly been working on a massive mural with old time friend RISK from the Mad Society Kings. According to Nathan: “I actually went to high school with him and we did graffiti together for about 2 to 3 years.  Anyway, Greg Simkins told me that he was gonna do a piece with my old friend Risk and that started the whole thing.  I then spoke to Jeff Soto and he also painted with him at this event and he kind of convinced me to contact him.  Much to my surprise, it was like no time got between us and we just got into it with me painting and Risk spray painting.  It is an amazing collaboration after 25 years of new experience that we both got to put into a new piece.

The piece is 8 feet by 36 feet.  Like I said before, its been over 20 years since we last spoke and when we got back together, it flowed flawlessly!  Just for your information, I used to right, “Cooz” when I was writing with Risk.  Andrew Hem is in one of the photos and he helped me a lot with the beginning process and some of my students also came out to help!  It was a blast!  My show solo show is going to be at Hurley Space, October 16th. Also the debut of my toy will also be out.

Ota and RISK’s mural will be on view at the Hurley Space next Saturday, October 16th with an accompanying exclusive toy release.

View the completed mural, it’s process, as well as a blast from the past, all here on Hi-Fructose.

RISK and COOZ circa 1985!

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