Baby Tattooville 2010

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The Lovely Mission Inn

This past weekend Baby Tattoo Books hosted their most unique weekend retreat into Riverside’s Mission Inn Hotel. Baby Tattooville is a personal getaway like no other. This year’s schedule included a special Dr. Sketchy’s session in the catacombs of the hotel (with scantily clad pirateers and ship), a premiere of a special art exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum, a Roast of the legendary Robert Williams, collaborative paintings from this year’s featured artists and returning veterans, a boutique pop-up shop featuring an array of original art and hard to get items and collectibles, presentations and workshops, and for those who like to stay up into the wee hours; a bachanallian den of sin hosted by Michael Hussar, all amidst the maze-like interiors of the most beautiful Mission Inn.

Featured artists this year were: Van Arno (HF Vol.14), Anthony Ausgang, Coop, Ron English (HF Vol.17), Michael Hussar Johnny Ryan, Spain, William Stout, Robert Williams, Suzanne Williams, and an onslaught of artists, collectors, and characters.

Check out photos from Jill Johnson and others from the event here on Hi-Fructose!

Attendee Badge produced by Pressure printing for the Robert Williams Tribute Event

Mr. Baby Tattoo himself, Bob Self (center) takes a moment to realize what lies ahead for him this weekend at one of the Mission Inn’s Grand Halls.

Riverside Art Museum: Robert Williams

Riverside Art Museum: Anthony Ausgang and his “Cat’s Cradle” megapiece

Riverside Art Museum: Michael Hussar’s portrait of Bob Self

Riverside Art Museum curator and Buff Monster (HF Vol.17)

Riverside Art Museum: Coop

On the rooftop of the Riverside Art Museum: Dave Cooper (HF Vol.1) and comic artist Johnny Ryan devour the pizza.

Riverside Art Museum: Michael Hussar

Van Arno

Coop painting

Riverside Art Museum: Johnny Ryan

Riverside Art Museum: Original art by Spain

HF co-founder Attaboy and Ron English (HF vol.17)

Riverside Art Museum: Suzanne Williams mind bending pin-striping insanity

Riverside Art Museum:Van Arno Triptych

Riverside Art Museum: Robert Williams

Featured artist Coop and designs a special Circus Punk on-site to be sent to Baby Tattoo attendees post event

Bob Dob draws for an attendee

Brandi Milne Sketch for an attendee

Underground deity Spain (left), Miss Mindy (center) and KRK Ryden (right) begin work on the Art Jam pieces.

Ragnar adds touches to KRK and Jeff Soto’s images. That red devil is a Louie by Bob Dob (HF Vol.12).

Spain works on his upside down Mac truck addition to this year’s piece.

Guests were treated with great sketches from artists this year. The atmosphere at the Mission Inn enables artists to take their time to create impromptu custom work for attendees.

In progress rendering in paint by Ragnar.

Miss Mindy, returning Babytattoo artist

KMNDZ works beside this year’s guest of honor Robert Williams

KMNDZ reads an advanced copy of HF Coll.2 on the floor.

Did we mention how beautiful the Mission Inn was?

The always neckerchiefed William Stout customizes sketches for attendees.

Screen printing demo at the hotel…

…will later be added to attendees gift bags.

Detail of this year’s artist jam painting.

Art Jam painting: Spain, Ausgang, Coop, Van Arno, Ron English, Michael Hussar Johnny Ryan, William Stout, and Suzanne Williams; complete with gun shots.

Soto vs. Ragnar mini originals painted for a lucky attendee at the event

A two-horned Soto Seeker

Amanda Vissell/Tim Biskup Goodies at the Pop Up Boutique

Jeff Soto painting at the Secret Society boutique store

Michael Hussar banner

The always straight faced Johnny Ryan takes credit for Van Arno’s sketch

Ragnar and HF co-founder Atta

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