New Works by Chris Crites

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Great Depression – 1930’s Los Angeles. Case Information Unavailable. Acrylic on paper bag, 18″w x 25.625″h

Later this week (Thursday, October 7th to be exact), Chris Crites will be showing a continuation of his ongoing mugshot series at Rock DeMent in the artist’s hometown of Seattle. Based on antique mugshots and black and white crime photographs, Crites’ exploration of the wide range of the human emotion which is most amplified immediately following arrest, delves deeper into the seedy underbelly of yesteryear.

The tussled hair and look of regret seen on Kitsap County inmate #14164 (below) invokes pity, his study afterall is noted that he “killed livestock before bank auction” possibly leading the viewer to perceive an act of passion against a heartless bank repossession, while the defiant and fearless piercing gaze of Los Angeles inmate #24486M9 (above) leads one to rest assured that it’s probably for the best that we don’t want to know the details of that particular man’s sins. Take a closer look into the souls of the innocent and guilty, here on Hi-Fructose

Killed Livestock Before Bank Auction. Acrylic on paper bag, 41.5″w x 57.5″h

Extortion, Threatening Letters. Acrylic on paper bag, 41.5″w x 57.5″h

72 People I’ll Never Know. (detail, uninstalled – will be installed in a single line up of 72 tubes) Acrylic ink on reclaimed cardboard, 2010

72 People I’ll Never Know. (detail, uninstalled) Acrylic ink on reclaimed cardboard, 2010

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