I Am 8-bit’s Maximum Balloon Contest

by Ken HarmanPosted on

David Parkinson

The savvy folks over at the curatorial enterprise/marketing firm/thinktank I am 8-bit recently hosted an art contest for the new album by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek. Sitek’s latest musical project, Maximum Balloon, put on a recent contest calling for submissions interpreting the new album and I am 8-bit has narrowed the submissions down to 10 finalists. Sitek will be choosing the winner (the lucky artist will get a prize of a thousand dollars and also have their work displayed at the upcoming album release party) soon, check out all ten finalists below.

Alex Cherry and Charis Patton

Simon Misra

Max Petrone

Maxbln Gusz

Paolo Piccolo

Simon Estrada

Chris Patton

Summer Gagnon

Camilo Tribin

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