JR’s Unframed

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Following up on his recent revisit to Kenya, French street art photographer JR has just embarked on another international project, this time launching off in a town in Switzerland. Entitled “Unframed” the touring outdoor installation exhibit tests the boundaries of contextual reinterpretation by using the photographs of both famous and unknown photographers in varying locales to convey differing statements and opening up new interpretations on the newly realized works.

A minaret placed on a church, a photo of a prostitute pasted to the walls of a prison, an image of German snipers taken during the seige of Leipzig, all of these images, and 11 more, create new dialogue with their unique placements, only to be taken down and reworked on a new surface in a new city (possibly on a new continent) as the project continues on. JR was kind enough to send Hi-Fructose some exclusive pics, check them out below.

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