The Blab! Show

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Marc Burckhardt – ‘Himmelsblick’

From it’s humble conception as a fanzine over twenty three years ago, the Blab! compendium and annual art show has become a powerhouse of new contemporary art. In his sixth yearly showing with CoproNason, Blab founder Monte Beauchamp will be debuting his latest creation, the 128 page hardcover Blabworld Vol. 1. Many of the artists will be on hand for signings at the opening, get a quick preview of the show here on Hi-Fructose.

Femke Hiemstra – ‘Mes Petit Choux’

Nicoletta Ceccoli – ‘Leonor’

Ryan Heshka – ‘America’s Finest Beauty’

Gary Baseman – ‘The Afterlife of Our Dirty Little Secrets’

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