Richard Salcido’s Beautiful Failures

by Ken HarmanPosted on
Richard Salcido recently sent Hi-Fructose an exclusive look at his latest body of work, showing soon at Art Whino. Enetitled “Beautiful Failures”, Salcido’s latest serves as a contemplation into the concepts of completion and subjective beauty. Hear what he has to say below:
“It’s actually simple, as an artist it’s pretty damn hard to like everything that you can create or at least for me it is. I try to paint a full painting everyday and they usually come up short from what I consider a success. In most shows an artist makes works and tend to show off the best of what they have to offer, so in this show I wanted to show work that maybe may not be my best either artistically or technically, but what was my best on that day no matter whether I was bored, tired, hungover, sad, pissed or whatever. I kind of just wanted to show some works that I didn’t necessarily find successful.”
“I got the idea for the show from when a friend was looking in my studio and saw a stack of 40 paintings and asked me what they were for and I told him they were my failures, which she replied “well, they’re beautiful failures.”
“Not everything I create has to be perfect, I just have to create. After all art shouldn’t be a science or way to stroke your ego, it should just be fun. Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering all the work is acrylic on wood panels with scratches in the wood, people just usually think the scratches are paint drips.”

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