Brendan Monroe and Evah Fan at Galerie LJ

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Brendan Monroe – Midnight Sun

Our friends Brendan Monroe and Evah Fan, who moved to Sweden recently, will be showing together again at Galerie L.J. in France. The husband and wife couple showed together back in 2008 with “Dwindle to a Tiptoe” and their dueling solo shows, “Figments” and “Come What May” will mark the second time the two have shown with the esteemed Parisian gallery (who also represents such notables as Swoon, AJ Fosik and Fafi. Brendan and Evah both sent us some preview images, read what Fan has to say about her show below. Brendan’s commentary on his latest body of work can be found over with our friends at Arrested Motion.

Evah Fan – Creepy Crawler

There are many still moments in my work that are wrongly familiar. A man with a box beneath his shirt could have been drumming on his chest or just ran out of a market. A young girl  reaching inside the box only to find scallions? What happens next? Whatever ideas came to mind during the last few months were put forth. They suited the title Come What May and did not follow any strict process. I followed a stream of consciousness that led me to a few mini series. Works depicting reactions from potential threats, landscapes inspired from Stockholm alongside paintings about the senses. The imagined tension between figures and events are usually awkward to ignite a certain narrative that lingers unpredictability. I wonder what has happened or what will happen from each scenario.” – Evah Fan
Brendan Monroe – Rolling Hills
Evah Fan – Maybe Face + Cheeky Face

Brendan Monroe – Passing By

Evah Fan – Freeze Series
Brendan Monroe – River and Cloud

Evah Fan – Holding In
Brendan Monroe – Mud and Splat
Evah Fan – Cold Feet

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