Behind the Scenes with Dabs and Myla

by Ken HarmanPosted on

As the Australian duo of Dabs/Myla are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming show and installation over at Thinkspace, they found the time to shoot over some behind the scenes photos for Hi-Fructose. Inspired by a recent trip to Tokyo, expect a full range of Japanese inspired works and a very special installation ready for their September 3rd opening. Here’s what Dabs/Myla had to say about their adventure: “Eating in tiny restaurants with no English menu…shit…no English period, ordering food with no idea of what will be coming out to great you!Will it have a face?! Yes…most likely!Will it be from the ocean?! Yes…most likely!Could it be a rice ball littered with 1000 tiny baby fish with tiny little baby fish eyes and tiny little baby fish faces??!! Definitely!

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