Summer Invitational at Jonathan Levine

by Ken HarmanPosted on

While summer here in the Bay Area has been surprisingly absent this last month, the new contemporary arts scene has been warming up, quite literally, in New York City. For their annual Summer Invitational Group Show, the Jonathan Levine gallery has wrangled together a group of thirteen emerging and international artists for a fresh and eclectic showing of new art. As to be expected, many of our favorite artists have been included, take a quick look at some of our favorite selections below.

Lola – “Sapele and the Carriers”

Andrew Hem – “This Woman’s Work”

EVOL – “Simple Solutions”

Marco Mazzoni – “Lilium”

Nate Frizell – “Remember What the Doormouse Said”

Nicolleta Ceccoli – “Just Dessert”

Judith Supine – “X-Ray Eyes”

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