A Decade With No Name

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Eddie Colla

Hi-Fructose Managing Online Editor Ken Harman recently made his curatorial debut for the East Bay Express’ annual Best of the East Bay party.  Featuring three stages of live music and hundreds of food and boutique vendors, the party also incorporated an indoor art exhibit showcasing some of the best artists living and working in the greater East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley and beyond).  “A Decade With No Name” stars many names that should already be familiar to Hi-Fructose readers, read Ken’s curatorial statement and view the artwork from the show after the jump.

All photos courtesy of the good folks over at Warholian.com

Peter Gronquist

Curatorial Statement:

“As the aughts come to a close and we approach the dawn of a new decade we are collectively faced yet again with a challenge we may have not even completed these last ten years.  As the scope, breadth and reach of technology and information expand at exponential proportions with every passing day, their affects on one of the country’s most ethnically and culturally diverse areas cannot go unnoticed… especially amongst the state’s highest percentage of people per capita who list their occupation as “artist”.

A multi-disciplinary look into the works currently being created in our collective backyard, “The Decade With No Name” serves as a celebration of the sculptors, painters, photographers and street artists who call Oakland, Berkeley and the greater East Bay their home.

From the politically and socially inspired street art of Eddie Colla, to the three-dimensional monstrous cake sculptures of Scott Hove, to Brett Amory’s figurative paintings, Amanda Lopez’ Dia de los Muertos photographs, Monica Canilao’s found object installations and Emory Douglas’ historical Black Panther graphic agitation, this showcase serves as a veritable who’s-who of the East Bay’s emerging and established artist community.”  – Ken Harman.

Aaron Nagel

Brett Amory

Alex Pardee


Dabs Myla


Daryll Peirce

Dabs Myla (completed)

Installation View

Annie Vought


Screen Print Showcase by Hangar 18

The Martinez sisters

Megan Donegan

Andrew Witrak

Gina Tuzzi

Scott Hove’s cake sculpture

D Young V, John Felix Arnold and Joanie Martinez

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