Studio Visit with Skinner

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Tucked away deep in the ghettos of Sacramento, CA lies a little bubble of artist residences, a clustered and steadfast front of artist-owned studios and homes that has year after year slowly encroached on the cultural wasteland, expanding it’s presence and community in an organic and natural way that no big-shot condominium developer would ever have the imagination or understanding to ever conceive. It is here, amongst his friends, family, garden and bunnies that the artist known only as Skinner (HF Vol. 14) has been furiously preparing for his latest solo show, “This Fear You May Know”, opening tomorrow night (Saturday, August 14th) at White Walls in San Francisco. Take a tour of Skinner’s studio and home, here on Hi-Fructose.

For any doubters, Skinner’s a freaking maniac! Which is of course, why we love him. Don’t believe dude has always been this way? Check out these assignments from when he was a kid…..

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