Behind the Scenes with Rob Sato

by Ken HarmanPosted on

HF favorite Rob Sato (HF Vol. 16) opened a new solo show this past weekend at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The show, “Muscle Memory” is, according to Sato: “motor activity made unconscious by instinct and repetition. It’s skill made available without thought. It’s walking and chewing gum at the same time. Muscle Memories are hyper conscious.  They are the living meats of your mind, the ideas given pulsing flesh, the tissue of the past reanimated. They are thoughts made of beef.” Check out some exclusive behind the scenes pictures, as well as an in-depth look into Sato’s sketchbook, here on Hi-Fructose.

For supplemental coverage of Sato’s recent body of work, please check this great interview with the artist from our friends over at Erratic Phenomena.

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