The Faile Temple

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Following Faile’s recent contribution’s to the Viva La Revolucion museum show (seen here), the street artists continues to outdo themselves with a site-specific installation at the Portugal Arte 10 Festival, now on display in Lisbon. Created with ceramics, marble, bronze, mosaics, limestone, cast iron and steel, the decaying Temple is both a reference to Portugal’s historical importance as the original launching point of Christianity to the New World, as well as an observance of the rate of decay that public art must always undergo, an experience the street artists know too well from experience. Drawing from the now extensive catalog of Faile’s imagery, Temple reworks the duo’s increasingly iconic symbolism in a new format with three dimensional reliefs, new prayer wheels and traditional mosaics. Check out a few of our favorite views of the installation below.

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