Gregory Euclide at the Biennial of the Americas

by Ken HarmanPosted on

As Gregory Euclide(HF Vol. 14) continues to grow his international exposure with showingsat some of the country’s more prestigious art fairs (we last saw him inMiami during Art Basel), so does the scope and vision of his workevolve and grow in turn. Our friends over at My Love For You turned us on to the recently shown at the Biennial of the Americas,Euclide’s “because there’s a there, here is just fine”, which takes hisunique environmental voice and continues the artist’s dialogue furtherinto the 3D landscape and into the conversations and minds of his fansand admirers. Featuring a sprawling map of Denver, the installationincorporates found pieces of modified land rising above their points oforigin, a signifier of both nature’s departure from the urban landscapeas well as our detachment from the natural world as people continue toflock to the cityscape. Check out more photos of the installation below.

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