Yosuke Ueno’s “Negative Never Again”

by Ken HarmanPosted on

It’s been almost five years since Yosuke Ueno‘slast solo show stateside, and for good reason. With his contributionsto the traveling show, “The Animamix Biennial”, visiting the MOCAShanghai, MOCA Taipei, MOCA Kaohsiung, and the Today Art Museum inBeijing, Ueno’s been quite busy to say the least. When we last visitedYosuke in HF Vol. 10, Jen Pappas stated that “It’s only a matter oflooking, or perhaps a better word is seeing, and taking pleasure in thepieces offered before this puzzle begins to speak for itself. Whenworking in symbols so perceptively designed, and so thoroughlyimagined, everything takes on meaning…” For Ueno’s latest, expect nodifferent, ‘Bittersweet’ (pictured above) is rife with symbology, bothpersonal and cultural. From the All Seeing Eye, to the mushroom cloud(perhaps a reference to the ironically named “Little Boy”), expect tolook hard and long into Yosuke’s work and to be surprised every timeyou spot something new. “Negative Never Again” opens tonight at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City.

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