Glenn Barr’s Small Epics

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Glenn Barr – ‘Oceana’

Seattle’s Roq La Rue, has over the past twelve years, developed areputation as a taste-maker and chance-taker, establishing itself asone of the West Coast’s premier art galleries. Tonight, Friday, July9th, Roq La Rue will opening their latest offering, a solo show byDetroit’s Glenn Barr (HF Vol. 10 cover artist) entitled “Small Epics”as well as mini-show by Eric Fortune (HF Vol. 13). Barr’s “SmallEpics” is an exploration into the fantastical as the artist findshimself further exploring the post-apocalyptic, with a pantheonic andquasi-steampunkish twist of course. Eric Fortune, who’s popularity andexposure have skyrocketd these last couple years, has already sold outthe three pieces in his mini show, and for good reason. Check out someof our favorite works from the show, here on Hi-Fructose.

Glenn Barr – ‘Gazing Idyll’

Glenn Barr – ‘Happiness”

Glenn Barr – ‘Beckoning’

Glenn Barr – ‘Legend of the Dragon Bride’

Glenn Barr – ‘Persistence and Infinity’

Glenn Barr – ‘Swamp Lands’

Eric Fortune – ‘In the Sea’

Eric Fortune – ‘Luna’

Eric Fortune ‘Exquisite Departure’

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