New Works by Boogie

by Dan RauchPosted on

For some, the initial exploration into art stems from a supportivementor or family member; it is a skill that is coddled, encouraged, anddeveloped over time. For others, such as Serbian-born photographer Boogie,the love for art was born amongst violence and chaos, it was originallya survival tactic, a thing of necessity. Originally picking up hisfirst camera to document the unrest and revolution that ravaged hiscountry in the ’90s, Boogie has come a long way since then withmultiple books, a compelling portfolio of intriguing subject matter,and a new show, “The Uncovering” opening this weekend at Carmichael Galleryin Culver City. Boogie recently sent us a batch of photos he’s takenjust within the last week to give you a taste of what to expect withhis newest direction and body of work, check them out after the jump.

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