Kiel Johnson’s 8-bit Gary

by Jen PappasPosted on

Living proof that costumes never get old, Kiel Johnson (HF Vol. 14) and Klai Brownrecently teamed up to build a slightly larger-than-life pixilatedcostume known as “8-bit Gary” for a Toshiba Commercial directed by theDocter twins. Meticulously constructed from a handmade cardboard suitstructure, string, paint, glue and thousands of tiny cubes (or“pixels”) cut from sheets of high-density foam, Gary underwent severaltie tests before he was finally ready for his close up. Klai Brownvaliantly donned the costume for the shoot — a delightfully bizarrearray of de-resolution, the 8-bitanator 2000, and a pumped up,oil-chested version of Gary following a much-needed upgrade. See foryourself how glorious the results are at Several more 8-bit characters are in the works for an upcoming video project, but Gary will always be the first.

Keep an eye out for Kiel Johnson’s upcoming show at Davidson Contemporary in September.

View the entire behind-the-scenes and process photos here:

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