Travis Louie’s Curious Myths

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Travis Louie,who we haven’t seen since HF Vol. 5 (but who will be featured in theupcoming HF Collected Edition Vol. 2) will be opening a new solo show,”Curious Myths” alongside Sylvia Ji’s latest (seen here). Louie’s portraits, which one could immediately and reasonably assumeare digital creations, are actually the product of a masterful acrylicpainter with a monster-sized imagination. Louie’s subjects are partConey Island circus freak show and part vintage sci-fi serial, throw inthe artist’s uncanny daguerreotype-esque photo-realism, beautifulconvex glass and ornate frames, and most importantly of all, Louie’sfascinating short stories that accompany each piece and you might justfind yourself believing in a new myth or two. “Curious Myths” opensthis Saturday, July 10th at Joshua Liner Gallery in NYC.

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