One Hundred Artists See Satan

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Luke Cheuh – “Devils In The Details”

Back in 2004, a curated show, “One Hundred Artists See God” tookto the road. With an all-star lineup including such notables as DamienHirst, Andreas Gursky, Roy Lichtenstein, Leonard Nimoy, RaymondPettibon, Richard Prince, and Ed Ruscha, the show saw internationalrecognition and museum appearances. When the show arrived at theLaguna Art Museum, the Grand Central Arts Centerin Santa Ana opened their own exhibition on the same night,appropriately titled “One Hundred Artists See Satan”. Thecontroversial show acquired great acclaim, and even a book release, for its controversial subject matter and roster of master “lowbrow” artists.

Fortheir second installment of their highly successful show, the GCAC hasput together a new body of work as a fund raising drive for future GCACexhibitions and events. To view the entire collection or to purchase artworks, please visit the GCAC Fundraiser website.

Hi-Fructose is proud to present a selection ofthe works for our readers, check out images from the show and a fewselect works below.

Installation View: Elizabeth McGrath and Brian Poor – “Damn-O-Meter”

Nicola Verlato – “Hellraiser”

Installation View: Mike Shine

Bob Dob – “Soothing the Soul”

Chris Mars – “The Inquisitor’s Mistress”

Laurie Lipton – “Maskers 2”

Nathan Ota – “Little Friend”

Shag – “Black Drops”

Laurie Hassold – “Stitch Ears”

Ken Tanaka – “God Backwards”

Nathan Spoor – “Immaculate Correspondence”

Kii Arens – “Lucifork”

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