My Love For You – Gulf Restoration Fundraiser

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Jen Renninger

Our friends over at My Love For You is a Stampede of Horseskickstarted their ambitious Gulf Restoration Fundraiser yesterdayafternoon. Featuring over one hundred pieces of art, everything fromoriginal paintings, sketches, prints, and even some jewelry andsculpture, the Gulf Restoration Fundraiser calls upon a plethora ofartists to create and donate works to benefit the Gulf Restoration Network and the recently devastated and oil drenched Gulf coastline. The pop up fundraiser storewill be up for only a few more days and as items sell, they’ll be justas quickly replaced by new works, so please be sure to check them outand check them out often. View a few of our favorite donated items below.

Christian Rex Van Minnen

Chad Chesko

Kevin Earl Taylor

Justin Richel

Stacy Rozich

Lindsey Carr

Michael McConnell

Elbow Toe

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