941 Geary

by Ken HarmanPosted on

For San Francisco’s art scene, institutions such as White Walls and the Shooting Galleryhave proven over the years to become destinations for fans of urban andnew contemporary art. In conjunction with his reopening of 6allery, Justin Giarla looks to make another big splash in the bay with his impressive new gallery opening this weekend, 941 Geary.

Hi-Fructoserecently snuck a quick peek into the massive space and we are proud topresent our readers with an exclusive first-look at the three thousandsquare foot gallery as Giarla is working around the clock to have itready and open for Saturday night’s festivities. Take a quick tour ofthe space and preview a new cake sculpture by Scott Hove (HF Vol. 12), and some new paintings by the Clayton Brothers that will be debuting around the corner from White Walls later this weekend.

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