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Hi-Fructose recently visited the home and studio of legendary graffiti and tattoo artist Mark Bodé as the illustrator was gearing up for his latest solo show at 1:AM Gallery. Debuting this Friday, June 25th 2010, “Wizards, Lizards, and Broads”takes a deep look into Mark’s artwork and offers a rare glimpse intothe early original works of Mark’s father, the legendary Vaughn Bodé.

Followinga successful campaign with Puma, the release of his Lizard of Oz book,and the exciting news that Bodé’s Cobalt 60 story has been optioned fora movie to be directed by Zach Snyder (Watchmen, 300, Dawn of theDead), “Wizards, Lizards, and Broads” looks to be a captivating andentertaining showcase of the multi-faceted artist. Take a tour ofBodé’s home, studio, and art collection here on Hi-Fructose.

Upon entering Bodé’s abode, you’ll first notice that Mark has developed quite the extensive art collection by trading works with fellow artists and friends.

Pictured below are some highlights from Bodé’s collection.

Os Gemeos

Margaret Keane

KRK Ryden

El Mac

Ron English

Mark also maintains one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of his father, Vaughn Bodé’s works. Vaughn is regarded as a godfather of the underground comic scene, his Cheech Wizard character became one of the most (and still is today) recognizable graffiti icons from New York’s early graff scene. Vaughn showed at the Louvre in Paris before his untimely death in 1975.

Hand sculpted toys Vaughn made in the late ’60s, a precursor to today’s vinyl toy phenomenon.

A painting of Vaughn done by Vincent Bodé, Mark’s uncle

A photo of Vaughn Bodé as a young man on the streets of New York City

A photo of a young Mark Bodé.

Following the tour of Mark’s house, we ventured downstairs to check out the studio and some of the new work.

Mark Bodé’s “Wizards, Lizards, and Broads” opens Friday, June 25th 2010

1:AM Gallery

1000 Howard St.

San Francisco, CA 94103

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