On the Road with Brett Amory

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“I recently tagged along side artists Brett Amory to document his trip down to Los Angeles for his debut solo show at Thinkspace Gallery. The show opened Friday, June 11th, 2010 and will be on view until July 2nd. Here are some photos from the installation and the opening. Plus an impromptu studio visit and tattoo session with artist Shawn Barber.”

– Julianne Yates, Gallery Heist.

The time is 3:30am on Wednesday, June 9th; itʼs still dark outside as we load the car with 7 brand new paintings for Brett Amoryʼs debut solo show at Thinkspace Gallery. Three months in the making!!

One last look at the now empty studio and we’re off to LA.

With the car packed we drive though the early morning with the radio blasting everything from Slayer to Mahavishnu Orchestra. Smoking cigarettes like theyʼll save our lives and drinking Monster and coffee like theyʼre some sort of holy water. Anything to stay awake….

By 7am the sun has begun to lighten the sky and the heat from the desert floor swelters like an alcoholic at last call.

We finally make it through the Grapevine and over the Los Angeles County line straight into traffic on the 405. We’re finally here!

Itʼs about 9am by the time we make it to the gallery ready to install!

LC of Thinkspace lends a hand

Inside we met artist Ekundayo who had slept on the gallery floor the night before. He was up and working on his installation. Both Brett and Ekundayo had solo shows opening on the same night.

LC shows us around their new space and introduces Brett to the Project Room.

After sizing up the space Brett begins drawing out one of his “waiters” on the gallery wall.

Day 1 down.

Day 2: Breakfast and then off to Shawnʼs Barbers studio.

We stopped in to Shawnʼs studio to check out his new space and see how heʼs been adjusting to Los Angeles.

Shawn was supper stoked on his Cheech & Chong coils, check em out!

Last year the two traded oil for ink.

Just a little touch up!

Brett’s iconic “waiter”.

Shawn followed us back to Thinkspace to check out the show. Day Two done!

Day Three: We go check out the LAzarides pop up show in Beverly Hills. It was amazing!

Heading back to the Thinkspace for the opening Brett spots a potential “waiter” walking through what is quickly becoming a signature “Brett Amory composition”. So of course we hopped out of the car and nearly diverted death to capture the image.

Look for this building in his future work!

Thinkspace, June 11th, 7pm.

Crepeʼn Around stopped by to feed us! Wish they had these in SF!

Andrew Hosner from Thinkspace chowin’ down!

Price lists in hand, the opening has officially opened!

Rebecca the awesome intern at Thinkspace takes a break from the crowd to print more price lists.

Meanwhile, in the waiting room…

Thanks Thinkspace, goodnight LA!!

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