New Prints by Chris Ware and Charles Burns

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Our friends over at OMG recently let Hi-Fructose know that in-house favorites favorites Chris Ware(Acme Novelty Library, Quimby the Mouse, Jimmy Corrigan) and CharlesBurns (Black Hole) have just released a couple new prints through Dutchpublisher Griffioen/Grafiek. You may remember the extensive essay on Ware by Mikl-Em in Hi-FructoseVol. 3 in which Mikl wrote: “His visual storytelling comes across as aroll of freeze frames. Ware is able to decelerate even the stillnes ofa staic medium, to a slo motion of itself, a flattened flib book thatstretches time across space and makes us fel the humanit of everyinstant represented.” View the other Ware print as well as therelease by Burns below.

Burns and Ware signing at the Dutch Haarlem Comic Fair, 2010

via OMG

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