Lisa Yuskavage at Greengrassi

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Our friends over at Arrested Motion recently hipped us to Lisa Yuskavage’s new show which is currently on display at London’s Greengrassigallery. Though Yuskavage’s subject matter and painterly methods havenot changed too much since the late ’90s, her displays of technicalskill, dual feminism and sexuality continue to make her a hot commodityin the market amid controversyand consistent sell out shows. Incorporating classical techniques ofmodel sculpting (maquettes of cast hyrdocal), Yuskavage mirrors themethods of the Venetian masters, both Michaelangelo and JacopoTinoretto also cast models to perfectly capture composition andlighting. Her latest show consists of eighteen new paintings ofvarious sizes, catch the entire body of work below.

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