Skinner spreads the Language of the Abyss

by Ken HarmanPosted on

“And through those staggering peaks loomed a cathedral ofsacrifice. A catalyst of cosmic mayhem etched invariably along thenecks andgrooves of those archaic and malevolent instruments. Playedhorrifically and with unknowing cadence, those hideous and mindlessbeings of the pits have mastered the forbidden rhythms of cold, callousspace. The power to bring forth a whirling, unstoppable maelstrom ofsound no one person may survive. These lords of your undoing andenemies of all natural law wield unyielding…..Blackened Knowledge,the language of the abyss!”

And so stateth Skinnnerthrough the hollowed horn of the oxen, spreading his message of thelatest Zerofriends x Skinner release. The seventeen by twenty two inchgiclee is printed with archival inks on acid free velvet cotton ragpaper and hath been releaseth sometime early this morn through the Zerofriends haberdasherie.

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