Adam Flores returns From There to Here

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Freshly transplanted Los Angeles based artist Adam Floreshas returned to San Francisco for his first Bay Area show since movingdown south a few months back. Entitled “From There to Here”, the solofurthers Flores’ take on tradition, consumerism, and environmentalism,while incorporating some fresh influences as a result of his newsurroundings. Flores recently told Hi-Fructose “The overall idea forthis body of work is Change – how we as peopleare affected by change over time and how things such as: environment,spirituality, tradition, and morality play a major role and influenceour daily lives. I feel that as human beings we are constantly facedwith the consequences of our actions and how we deal with theseoutcomes is an ongoing struggle.”

“In my work I try to portray thesesituations, in a “seriously lighthearted,” way, while simultaneouslyshowing the humorous side of our own inhibitions. Time is an importantfactor in my work as well. It is through time that we see our ownerrors and flaws and also through time that we bear witness to theoutcomes of our own personal progress. My paintings have underlyingmessages and narratives but overall I leave it up to the viewer toestablish their own interpretations about what the work means to them.”

“From Here to There” is currently on view at Gallery Heist and will run till Sunday, June 27th.

For a supplemental interview with the artist, please check out this interview conducted by the Emerging Artists Collective.

All photos courtesy of Julianne Yates

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