Mike Stilkey gets Reminiscent

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Mike Stilkey, who we last saw across the pond, opened his latest showing of book installations, this time to celebrate the opening of Hurley‘s new “)( Space” gallery in Costa Mesa. Each of Stilkey’s installations begin with a hunt for unwanted books, mostly from libraries and publishers who are about to destroy the material. Stilkey adopts these unwanted and discarded items and breathes fresh artistic air back into their spines, rejuvenating them yet again as art. Both pieces in “Reminiscent” stand at about ten by thirteen feet and are composed of around twenty-five hundred recycled books a piece.

Following the closing of Hurley’s Space Gallery, the pieces in the show will be transported to Nike 6.0, Converse, and Hurley’s “225 Forest” store in Laguna Beach where they will be combined into a ten by twenty-two foot high mural.

via Arrested Motion.

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