Jason Freeny’s Coin Jar Contest

by Ken HarmanPosted on

As you well know we here at Hi-Fructose love Jason Freeny‘s anatomical diagrams, sculpture, and splattered cartoon characters; so much so that we’re just had to include the above image as a 2’x2’ fold out poster in our new Collected Edition. Well, for anyone who needs another Freeny fix in their lives, Jason will be holding a contest sometime today, Monday, June 6th. Any print in his store could be yours, just guess how much money is in Freeny’s coin jar.

Need a hint?

The jar weighs 58 pounds
coins are 4 inches deep
Jar is a 10 inch diameter
Coins have been saving for 3 years
coins consist of pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and even a few dollar coins. All US currency.

Put your best guess in at Jason’s Facebook page, sometime today (Monday, June 6th) for a chance to win.

If you’re not familiar with Jason’s work, here are a few classics from his archives:

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