Johnston Foster’s “Catch and Release”

by Ken HarmanPosted on

The Keeper, 2010
Plastic traffic barrels, bicycles spokes, garden hose, plastic cutting board, plastic table cloths, rubber, PVC, glass, wire, plastic ties, hot glue, screws, Sharpie
47” x 147” x 52”

Caught on the back roads, alleys, and highway off ramps of his native Viginia, Johnston Foster’s latest work is an amalgamation of found trash and discarded items, lovingly hand crafted back together and released into the wilds of the New York gallery scene. The hybrid mutant creatures created are not just the visually compelling products of an impulsive and shocking imagination but also stand, sometimes on legs as many as a dozen, as a representation of the will to survive, an interesting idea for an originally trashed bygone to posses. “Catch and Release”, Foster’s latest body of work, is currently on display at Rare Gallery in NYC. View some more of Foster’s work below.

Catch & Release, 2009
Plywood, vinyl flooring, baby pool, plastic trash can, vacuum hose, plastic table cloth, vinyl, racket ball, marbles, screws
19” x 52” x 75”

Supreme, 2010
Plywood, cardboard, plastic, vinyl, foam, wire, plastic ties, wood glue, hot glue, screws, Sharpie
Pizza: 21.5” X 31” x 34”
Box: 44” x 36” x 36”

One Trick Pony, 2009
Throw rug, plastic auto body parts, ping pong balls, plastic table cloth, orange traffic cone, plastic straps, PVC, rubber, marbles
61.5” x 48” x 24”

Installation view

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