Rod Luff’s Moleskine

by Ken HarmanPosted on

23 year old Sydney-based illustrator Rod Luff has recently embarked on a rather ambitious project, to fill up every single page of a new moleskine notebook by the end of the year. We checked out Rod’s portfolio and think that there may be a bright future for this young artist; and of course, being able to see his progression over the course of 2010 should be a fun journey. Rod recently told us that this exercise is “about trying to break out of a cycle that started about three years ago when I bought my first moleskine. I was filled with excitement at all those fresh, nice pages waiting to be filled, and one by one they ended up being messed up, erased and torn up in some way or another. So I’d buy a new one for the safety of the “fresh start” feeling only to end up the same way as before once the book had been tainted and cursed… I’d estimate I’ve gone through at least 10-13 books since. But recently I was given one as a birthday present and realized it was time to break that cycle, and to finish one from cover to cover this year, putting as much love into it as I could, as well as forcing myself to improve my creativity, technique and experimentation. I’m trying to stop this addiction to the idea of a “fresh start” and accepting that even if all the pages suck, I have to push through to the end of the book anyway, and get over my stupid pride. I know it might be silly, but I hope I’m not alone in this, and I’m more than happy to share this journey with you all, and hope that it might encourage others to do give it a serious shot too.” Well Rod, thanks a lot for inviting us along on this journey, check out some pages from Luff’s Moleskine below.

head’s up via Phone Booth Gallery

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