The Photography of Austin McManus

by Ken HarmanPosted on

In addition to curating his monthly show at Free Gold Watch, editing books for Gingko Press, and running the always spectacular FlopBox, San Francisco resident Austin McManus also happens to be one hell of a photographer. Capturing a great shot is often times simply a matter of statistical probabilities combined with just being in the right place at the right time. A great photographer isn’t one who is lucky enough to catch the great shot, but rather one who can express an individual voice, define a moment in time, and serialize these events in a unique and inspired manner. McManus recently appeared on the HF radar with his two new series, debuting June 3rd at Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco. “Partner in Crime” the first of the two series focuses on redefining the gender stereotypes in the world of vandalism by focusing on first time taggers of the fairer sex. “Journey into Darkness”, the second of the two, follows Oakland-based artist Jurne as he explores the abandoned tunnels and catacombs laced underneath the East Bay….

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