A Further Convergence

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It’s happening right now and it’s happening organically. Rolling off the momentum of their successful book signing event at the SFMOMA, David Choong Lee, Mars-1, Damon Soule and Oliver Vernon have been turning out new mind-bending collaborative works at Lee’s studio space on 6th & Market. Check out HF contributing photographer Shaun Roberts‘ stunning documentation of this momentous convergence below.

David Choong Lee:
“Usually this wouldn’t be happening, the timing is amazing. It’s such an amazing opportunity to work with this group, because I was stuck with my paintings and they all came in with new ideas.”

The massive gutted former sweatshop has transformed into an impromptu painting research and development hothouse. They’re sharing new materials and techniques with each other, passing canvases back and forth and solving each other’s problems when one artist gets stuck. The mood is light but the flow of work is apparent; everything is moving forward.

Damon Soule:
“I live in New York. So I could have flown out here [for the FURTHER book signing at SFMOMA] then flown home and then flown back again for the show with a week and a half in between. So instead I decided to just stay here and work.”

Expect to see 2-3 canvases being worked on here to show up at Soule’s opening at Fecal Face Dot Gallery, Thursday May 27th.

Oliver Vernon:
“For the last 7 years I’ve been working pretty much solo in the studio without collaborating at all. Collaborating for me only just started with this bunch of boys right here.”

Vernon made the decision to move from his home in New York City to the Bay Area just this past November.

“At the moment we’re really converging, we’re allowing each other to feed one another …you’re able to react off of someone elses moves without being hyper-critical about your own work. That’s the heathy and beautiful thing about collaboration in the studio…it leaves you free to take risks.”

David Choong Lee emphasizes how special the gathering is to him: “It’s like having four master classes going on at the same time.”

To which Mars-1 sums up:
“We’re like Voltron, it feels special.”

-Shaun Roberts (shaunroberts.net)

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