Mike Leavitt and Charles Krafft are Pitchfork Pals

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Seattle based artists Mike Leavitt and Charles Krafft share a passion for ceramic collaborations, and even with a thirty year difference between their ages, find common ground in the worlds of teapots, action figures, hip hop ephemera and devilishly dark satire. The teapots, one is shown above, are sculpted by Leavitt and painted by Krafft and serve as the center pieces of their latest joint show, “Pitchfork Pals”, which opened last night at StolenSpace Gallery in London. To compliment the ceramic creations of Kim Jong Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Aleister Crowley, Nick Griffin and Amy Winehouse, the exhibit also showcases Leavitt’s and Krafft’s numerous and impressive side projects. Ranging from art world actions figures (Leavitt) to traditional Delft porcelain weaponry (Krafft), Hip Hop artifacts constructed of cardboard (Leavitt) to “Forgiveness” copper swastika-capped perfume (Krafft), “Pitchfork Pals” looks to be an enveloping and entertaining show for all art lovers.

images courtesy of StolenSpace and S.Butterfly

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