“Tiger Tiger Burning Bright”

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Audrey Kawasaki

William Blake’s “The Tyger”, known as the “most anthologized poem in English” (The Cambridge Companion to William Blake (2003), has become the subject of Roq La Rue‘s latest group offering, “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright”. With the recent celebration of the Chinese Year of the Tiger three months ago and with tiger populations dwindling around the globe at an alarming rate (Roq La Rue has pointed out that the last of the wild Indochinese tigers was killed and eaten in December of 2009 (the perpetrator is currently serving a 12 year sentence), now seems as good of a time as any to host a tiger themed show and fundraiser.

In addition to a stellar lineup consisting of Audrey Kawasaki, Robert Hardgrave, Travis Louie, Lisa Petrucci, Isabel Samaras, Robert Burden, Jason D’Aquino, Nouar, Jim Blanchard, Angelique Houtcamp, Bob Dob, Anthony Ausgang, Ann-Marie Manker, Yumiko Kayukawa, Jaw Cooper and more, the upcoming show will also feature an exclusive print release by Audrey Kawasaki (featured above) as well as Robert Burden, with all print sales benefiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Wildlife Conservation Society. Check out some more images from the show below.

Robert Burden

Isabel Samaras

Lisa Petrucci

Angelique Houtkamp

Bob Dob

Robert Hardgrave

Yumiko Kayukawa

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