Jeff Soto’s SotoFish

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Jeff Soto (HF Vol. 2) has just leaked info of an upcoming print series to begin releasing Tuesday, next week. Entitled “SotoFish”, the series will expand on an original self portrait (teased above) and will continue to grow, release by release, in both complexity of image and screen printing skill. “SotoFish1″ will drop on Tuesday, May 18th at noon and will be 6 colors, will measure in at 22″ x 30”, and will be limited to a run of 100. As a neat twist, Jeff will be making matching number runs available for all those who purchase the first print. In other words, if you get the first print, say #22/100, you will be given the opportunity to fulfill your collection by acquiring #22 of all the other remaining prints in the series. To read Jeff’s interesting backstory to the image, check out his blog.

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