Parskid explores the Isolated Frontier

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Parskid, who we interviewed in HF Vol. 5, has a solo show coming up at at Seattle’s FlatColor Gallery this Thursday, May 6th 2010. Entitled “Isolated Frontier”, the show “represents me as an artist embarking on a personal journey in the world I’ve created as Parskid. I’ve always appreciate work that is done by those who shut themselves off from the rest of the world and create work that is very much their own. In a world where individuality can be scarce at times, I’m striving to create work that is honest and stands on its own, while trying not to concern myself with outside influences or ideas of what is expected of me. The world I’ve created is a reflection of my life and I’m comfortable walking in it alone.” according to the artist. With hislush natural environments and juxtaposing neon colors, Parskid’s ethereal frontier is one we’re looking forward to exploring ourselves. Studio photos and show preview below.

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