Martin Wittfooth in Los Angeles

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Tonight Martin Wittfooth opens his new show “Tempest” at Copro Gallery in LA, featuring his trademark semi apocalyptic paintings featuring structured landscapes falling into ruin, populated by pervasive if haunted wildlife. Wittfooth’s latest work shows the gradual yet profound turn from the slightly campy, cartoony vein of his early work to more contemplative, somber, and immensely powerful narratives that fairly vibrate with tension. Wittfooth hasn’t completely abandoned his sense of the whimsically absurd though, and this is apparent in his new sculptures featuring goggle-eyed cats and naked dogs crawling out of mailboxes. Also showing is Chris Ryniak’s “The Burgeoning”.





“The Rainmaker”


Copro Gallery Preview…

-by Kirsten Anderson of Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle

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