Sas and Colin Christian at the Opera Gallery, London

by Rue GieselPosted on

Sas and Colin Christian are flying out from Florida to London’s Opera Gallery to present “Inner Space” an very impressive new body of work. Showcasing Sas Christian’s brilliantly rendered oil paintings and Colin’s color changing, illuminated fiber glass sculptures. They make for a dynamic couple whose workare a one/two punch to the retina. The artists share their thoughts just for Hi-Fructose readers about their latest exhibition and show us photos of their work below.

Sas Christian:

“Inner Space” to me in this show is about dream like states, and neural pathways illustrated as light. It’s about transformation, illumination, heightened awareness. The different aspects of the self and the buried. Thoughts of both positive and negative energy symbolized through color and pose. Returning to a theme that I started my career with was important to me as I felt it is the only way I could free myself from literal reality.

Colin Christian:

For our show “Inner Space” I wanted to strip down some of my forms and explore ideas in a less representative manner thereby freeing my imagination. My approach was to restrict my color use and focus on line and texture encompassing my interests in nature, science and sexuality. You’ll find this show is an amalgam of Evolution, Sci-Fi, Fetishism, Quantum Physics, Bioluminescent Undersea Life and the Sex Lives of Plants with the introduction of led and fiber optic lighting that I’ve just started exploring.

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