Video: Kevin Cyr’s Camper Kart

by Rue GieselPosted on

Kevin Cyr (first profiled in Hi-Fructose vol.10) presents a video of his new work in progress project, the Camper Kart.

One of the things Kevin Cyr is best known for his are his “portraits” of derelict vehicles which “explore social and economic issues” in America and abroad. One aspect of that is the use and evolution of the vehicle as it relates to self reliance and autonomy best embodied in his 2008 Camper Bike which he built himself. The Camper Kart is his latest step forward with his concept of movement.

“Camper Kart” see more of the project at Kickstarter…

Camper Kart blueprint

>“Camper Bike”, 2008

Camper Bike blueprint

Kevin will also be showing as part of a select set of artists at Hi-Fructose’s next group exhibition this Spring

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