Preview Spotlight: “The Mike Shine Show” @ SFMOMA’s 75th Anniversary Celebration

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San Francisco Museum of Art rolled out the party last night for their 75th Anniversary Celebration, a three-day weekend of free admission and special programs January 16 through 18. Featured are a series of exhibitions and collections which include the works of Matthew Barney and San Francisco’s Barry McGee and Mike Shine – we’re optimistic that the museum is taking forward strides around the conventions of “modern art”. It was quite the special occasion, among the guests was godfather of the underground, John Waters.

Take a look at last night’s festivities and pre showing of Mike Shine’s “The Mike Shine Show”. Tonight however, Saturday January 16th the carnival installation will open complete with carney tents, a live band and carnies. Mike will be in attendance both Saturday and Sunday’s events.

side of Mike Shine’s “Wonder Wagon”

inside the “Wonder Wagon”

Mike with Tony who has assisted with the set up of almost all of Mike’s installations

Mike Shine, Justin Giarla of White Walls/Shooting Gallery and Attaboy

Barry McGee – from the collection of Louis Vuitton and the Ruth Nash Fund



Gavin Newsom was there to speak

…and because I am a chair whore… this is a showcase celebrating the Wooden Chair

more art on various floors, this we think, is made from wooden skewers

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