New Work from Amy Casey

by Rue GieselPosted on

We first covered Cleveland artist Amy Casey way back in HF vol.5 and since she’s created a most impressive body of work. Her teetering roller-coaster like city-scapes appear in her latest solo show this Sat. January 16th at San Francisco’s Rosenthal Gallery. Casey describes her thoughts behind this new show just for Hi-fructose readers and shows us a few of her new paintings:

On Painting:

“Painting is my way of relating to and thinking about the world and its turbulent ways. However, in a contradictory sense, painting for me is also extremely escapist, and the sort of concentration required for me to solve the series of problems paintings present and follow them to their end sort of precludes my need to keep checking the news to see if google has the end of the world on its newsfeed (with related update items).”

On Her New Show:

“More specifically, my work has been following a sort of alternate world for some time now, and having completely turned the whole thing upside down and inside out in a series of awkward disasters, i think the more recent work is taking a cautiously optimistic light. Ive been focusing more on building up, making connections, creating fail safes and figuring out how to make alternate plans out of what is left behind.”

On Mistakes:

“Ive been interested in mistake making, both on a narrative level and in the actual work. When I drip or make a false move on blank paper(all too often!), what I have to add or attempt to subtract is just as much a struggle for me as my depicted cities attempts to grow and adapt.”

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